Want to better yourself?

How do your personality and self-image influence your career, work relations, and leadership style? What personal characteristics support your development? What hinders you? Are you getting ahead solely because of your strengths, or is there power hidden in your weaknesses?

Chevron rightGet to know yourself better!
Chevron rightWhether in working life or in private relationships, successful and happy people know their own positive and negative behavior patterns and how to manage them.
Chevron rightWe will help you to better understand your own natural strengths, personality risks, abilities, and sources of motivation. We will show you how this acquired knowledge can shape your career and reputation, and how to fully use it in your private life.
Chevron rightWe care for people with and for whom we work. The best assurance for our work is your success - as a person and as a leader.
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Candidate stories

The whole ARISTA team came across as professional and welcoming. I was fully updated throughout the process and knew how I was succeeding and what the next steps were.

I´d like to bring out that above all I enjoyed the feedback session about my leadership potential and risks.

I would recommend ARISTA in a heartbeat to all firms and leaders hungry for a change.

Julia Ležeiko

Group CIO

If I would need to take a recruitment process in future, I would use Your company. I have been in quite many processes during my career, and never ever seen that kind of background information of the hiring company, skill, and target setting as written “KPI” and personal interview “on a paper” what ARISTA presented. I have not seen anything like it before, and all credit to Your process.

ARISTA has shown exceptional communication accuracy and speed. That is a value on its own. Thank you Piret & ARISTA! 

Tuuli Stewart

Business Development Manager

I appreciate the professionalism of ARISTA. The recruitment process I attended was nicely done from start to finish. As a candidate, I was familiar with the information, an overview of the test results was given, and a summary of the references was shared. You stand out in the recruiting landscape very clearly in your candidate communication.

Risko Tiitso

Business Controller

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