Candidate Assessment / Second Opinion

  • You promoted or recruited a high-potential manager on your own, but you wanted to be sure that you were making the right decision.
  • Arista can come to your aid

We conduct a complete assessment of already-selected candidates, so you can get all the important information you need to make the correct decision.

Including a professional assessment consultant to the process also leaves a good impression on the candidate; they are well-informed of the assessment criteria, results, and get clear feedback.

How do we do this?
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If you want to know whether you can trust your intuition, contact us!

Chevron rightFirst, we’ll map the position’s profile according to your company’s needs.
Chevron rightWe’ll gather relevant information to ensure an easier comparison of the candidates.
Chevron rightWe’ll assess the candidates’ leadership potential and skills.
Chevron rightWe assess the candidates’ abilities to solve real-life management tasks that were developed at Arista.
Chevron rightWe´ ll take references
Chevron rightWe’ll inform participants about the evaluation criteria, procedure, and results. Additionally, we can also offer guidance for career development.
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Client stories

As a customer, I appreciate the client-centered personalized approach, responsiveness, and continuous flow of information from our collaboration partner. ARISTA meets all these criteria. Thank you!

Kristiina Saik

Eolane Tallinn AS / HR Manager

We are grateful for the invaluable partnership we have had with ARISTA in filling crucial leadership positions at Printall. Working with ARISTA has proven to be an exceptionally valuable experience for several reasons.

One of the key strengths of ARISTA is their personalized and tailored approach. They truly took the time to understand our specific needs as a company and presented us with candidates who were perfectly suited for our organizational environment. This included carefully evaluating factors such as our management culture, role expectations, and other crucial aspects that contribute to a candidate’s suitability.

What impressed us the most was the speed and relevance of the feedback provided by ARISTA. They not only offered insights and updates on matters directly related to the candidates, but also demonstrated a genuine interest in our company as a whole. Their expertise and understanding extended beyond just the recruitment process, as they also provided valuable feedback and advice on other aspects of our organization.

Working with ARISTA has been a seamless and efficient experience. Their professionalism, expertise, and dedication ensured that we were able to quickly fill important leadership roles with highly qualified individuals. We are grateful for the exceptional service we received and would highly recommend ARISTA to any organization in need of top-notch recruitment solutions.

Kalle Kuusik

Printall AS / CEO

I find the ARISTA team very professional and swift. Very relevant and good candidates were presented. I also think the way you communicate and present the candidates makes it easy to get a clear view. All in all, a very pleased customer.

Fredrik Berghel

Inission / Group CEO


Thermory has partnered with ARISTA for several years. Our leadership team has grown mostly with the help of ARISTA consultants. With this not only the company has grown, but also the leadership quality has been taken to a whole new level.

ARISTA stands out as a partner due to the ability to listen and learn our needs and expectations. All candidates offered have been hand-picked.

We most certainly value partnering with ARISTA and continuing our relationship!

Meelis Kajandu

Thermory / Founder / Member of Supervisory Board


I am delighted with the exceptional services provided by ARISTA. From the very beginning, I received weekly updates that kept me well-informed about the progress of the recruitment process. The candidate profiles you presented to me were thorough and provided a comprehensive overview of each candidate, allowing me to make well-informed decisions during the interview process.

Not only do you possess excellent knowledge of the Estonian job market, but you both also exhibit professionalism and humility. Your expertise in this field is evident as you consistently presented high-quality candidates who were well-aligned with our requirements. I truly appreciate the dedication and attention to detail demonstrated throughout our collaboration.

Hilde Oya

Solhjell / CEO



Excellent and impressive work. The quality of the data concerning the candidates was perfect and in line with our own findings. Roland’s support was very good throughout the process.

Kimmo Kedonpää

Pipelife / Managing Director


I truly admire the excellent work done by ARISTA despite the Covid situation. I am thankful for all these great ideas and candidates. All the candidates proposed were strong. We´d hire them all if we had open roles to offer. Above all, the advice given on how to assess and identify the most suitable ones was something else.  Thank you!

Erika Truuverk

Äripäev / Sales Director


Working with the ARISTA team has been a truly professional and pleasant experience. I and Lappset appreciate the fast, clear, and very high standard of communication, project process management, and candidate quality. Throughout the project, I had an extremely good overview of what is going on, and where we stand, and always felt like they were on top of things. ARISTA has raised our expectations for headhunting services to a whole new level and we would recommend them as partners also to other companies.

Johanna Ikäheimo

Lappset Group / Chairmen of the Board


I am very happy to cooperate with ARISTA because they are genuinely interested in finding the best leaders for us.

Kerstin Jaani

COOP Estonia / HR Director


Big thanks for the successful collaboration! This process was enjoyable, and the outcome delightful. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with pleasure in the future!

Triin Tepp

Fibenol / Human Resources Manager


I admire ARISTA’s excellent work despite the Covid times and am sincerely grateful for the good choices. All the presented candidates were truly strong, so after conducting the interviews, we were quite perplexed about the next steps. Your recommendations for getting to know the candidates better were very helpful, and with that, we were able to get a clear picture for ourselves.

But actually, I’m not too worried about whether the right one was chosen from the final candidates because all of them would have been suitable for the position. We just have to hope that we, as employers, are attractive and supportive enough for the collaboration to be fruitful and lasting.

And once again, I am truly pleased with our collaboration – everything went quickly, smoothly, and effectively. Thank you also for the good suggestions; they will be beneficial in the future as well.

Erika Truuverk

Äripäev / Sales Director


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Let’s discuss a solution that fits your needs!

Roland Luik

Managing Partner