Employer branding

  • Want your company to be the first choice for the best high performes in the labour market?
  • Your company has plenty to offer both current and future employees but you just haven’t been able to formulate your uniqueness well enough to communicate your message in a way that stands out.
  • Your image – or brand – helps communicate with important people inside and outside the company and answer the question of why someone should join or stay with your company.
  • It has an indirect impact on the profitability of the company and on the loyalty of your employees.

At the heart of an employer’s brand lies its promise, i.e. the employer value proposition for both employees and important employee groups in the labour market.


How do we do this?
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If you don´t talk about yourself, nobody will!


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Chevron rightWe will start with who you are, what you value, what you aspire to and what is unique about your company.
Chevron rightWe will discover how your company is perceived as an employer, and how you want it to be perceived.
Chevron rightWe will find out which factors have contributed to you retaining good employees and why some have left. We will determine whether your company’s offering is also valued by your employees and high performers in the labour market.
Chevron rightWe will help you formulate your promise or employer value proposition. We will offer suggestions on how to eliminate bottlenecks.
Chevron rightWe will help you streamline your processes and create tools that support your company's employer brand.
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Clients about us...

Thermory has partnered with Arista for several years. Our leadership team has grown mostly with the help of Arista consultants. With this not only the company has grown, but also the leadership quality has been taken to a whole new level.

Arista stands out as a partner due to the ability to listen and learn our needs and expectations. All candidates offered have been hand-picked.

We most certainly value partnering with Arista and continue our relationship!

Meelis Kajandu

Founder / Council Member


Excellent and impressive work. The quality of the data concerning the candidates was perfect and in line with our own findings. Roland’s support was very good throughout the process.

Kimmo Kedonpää

Managing Director


I truly admire the excellent work done by Arista despite the Covid situation. I am thankful for all these great ideas and candidates. All the candidates proposed were strong. We´d hire them all if we had open roles to offer. Above all, the advice given on how to assess and identify the most suitable ones was something else.  Thank you.

Erika Truuverk

Sales Director


Working with Arista was a truly professional and pleasant experience. I and Lappset appreciate the fast, clear, and very high standard communication, project process management, and candidates quality. Throughout the project, I had an extremely good overview of what is going on, where we stand, and always felt like they were on top of things. Arista has raised our expectations for headhunting services to a whole new level and we would recommend them as partners also to other companies.

Johanna Ikäheimo

Chairmen of the Board

Lappset Group

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