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Chevron rightInvest in the right people

We believe that the right people are the most significant resource in creating a competitive advantage for an organization. Strong leaders create dedicated teams, and dedication leads to better performance.

Chevron rightTime is on our side

We value long-term cooperation with organizations; this helps us better understand a company’s business and its people. Honest feedback on our work and a clear direction forward always come with time.

Chevron rightThe greater the effort, the sweeter the reward

We are good at recruitment projects, where more than an average amount of dedication and experience are needed to find the right people.

Chevron rightWe leave no stone unturned

Executive search does not just mean finding a candidate with the necessary experience and personality traits but getting on a personal and credible level with them.

Chevron rightWe believe in Arista approach

Arista strives to become the first choice for organizations in all markets where we operate. We keep a close eye on your company’s needs and the changing business environment. There is no standard formula that works every time. We tailor the process according to your uniqueness.

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Values that drive us every day

Chevron rightWe are high-performing

We adhere to the highest standards in everything we do because the highest quality of our work is our primary goal. We do not settle for mediocre results. And neither should you!

Chevron rightWe are structured and methodical

We are focused. We have learned from our own experience that the more detailed the work plan, the better the outcome. Whatever our specialty, we’re a team of detail-oriented people who appreciate productivity.

Chevron rightWe keep up with the innovations around us

You won’t hear us say, "We have always done this way!" We love engaging with technology that provides us with shortcuts, enhances candidate, and customer experience. We’re driven to make a difference and build companies that become more competitive after they’ve worked with us.

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The whole ARISTA team came across as professional and welcoming. I was fully updated throughout the process and knew how I was succeeding and what the next steps were.

I´d like to bring out that above all I enjoyed the feedback session about my leadership potential and risks.

I would recommend ARISTA in a heartbeat to all firms and leaders hungry for a change.

Julia Ležeiko

Group CIO

My experiences with all of you that I have met over the years have been nothing short of positive and uplifting. I have found everyone without exception to be professional communicators as well as pleasant people, which is extremely important to me personally.

You have shared a lot of feedback and sometimes valuable additional information to learn from. I could not say anything negative about ARISTA, even with the best of my will.

The entire ARISTA application process took place in a very professional and pleasant environment. Each stage of recruitment was thoroughly thought out and understandably important, considering the requirements for the candidate set out in the job offer. While various personality and mental ability tests are usually just a formality, ARISTA takes the results of these tests very seriously.

Positive and negative test results were put into perspective and a comparative framework for me. The attitude was individual, the feedback was developing, and the overview of the company and the position was extremely detailed. ARISTA’s continuous review of the schedule and adherence to it was especially appreciated. Feedback was always given on time, i.e. on the agreed dates, and therefore there was no situation where I had to look for contact myself or wait for results.

Rasmus Klaassen


ARISTA helped me get my current job with its professionalism and friendliness. Since it was a targeted search, I did not apply for this job, and I can safely say that without Anneli‘s approach, I would definitely be less happy with my working life right now. As a result of her detailed and pleasant company introduction, I decided to send my CV and everything else is history. Meetings with Anneli, her colleagues were friendly and well organized. Thank you for noticing me and matching me with the perfect job and employer!

Risto Leidsaar

Regional Sales Manager

I have to say that I had no previous experience with recruitment companies and when I was contacted I initially classified it as some kind of advertisement or sales speech. However, for some reason I still thought it necessary to answer.

I hadn’t even thought about changing jobs, so I initially took it for myself as market research. At the same time, the conversation with Anneli turned out to be pleasantly free and pleasant and never intrusive, and I could calmly collect my thoughts and make a decision. However, at some point I decided to give up the application. But again, Anneli was able to remain professional, asking only to consider a meeting with the company and thus get more information about the offered job.

This became the breaking point as I saw no reason why I couldn’t get more information to make a decision. During the further conversation, I still decided to go through with the application, for which I also had to come to ARISTA’s house and take various personality and skill tests. The atmosphere in your office was friendly and supportive, which once again gave me the confidence to move forward with the recruitment process.

Having been working in a new place for almost two years today, I remember this recruitment process with deep gratitude and I am convinced that your company employs professionals in their field.

Randar Lauri

Head of Infrastructure

Thank you ARISTA and especially Piret for the support you have shown during these months. It was a pleasure to communicate with you! This ability to empathize and articulate is still worthy of an award! All the best to you!

Kristel Jõgi

Head of Sales Department

ARISTA is far superior to other recruiting companies for me, many times over. I know that when you call and offer something, you have already put my profile in the background of the employer. What’s next is up to me. No one else can offer something like this either in Estonia or elsewhere in the world. Priceless to me!

Tarmo Luhaäär

Managing Director

If I would need to take a recruitment process in future, I would use Your company. I have been in quite many processes during my career, and never ever seen that kind of background information of the hiring company, skill, and target setting as written “KPI” and personal interview “on a paper” what ARISTA presented. I have not seen anything like it before, and all credit to Your process.

ARISTA has shown exceptional communication accuracy and speed. That is a value on its own. Thank you Piret & ARISTA! 

Tuuli Stewart

Business Development Manager

I appreciate the professionalism of ARISTA. The recruitment process I attended was nicely done from start to finish. As a candidate, I was familiar with the information, an overview of the test results was given, and a summary of the references was shared. You stand out in the recruiting landscape very clearly in your candidate communication.

Risko Tiitso

Business Controller

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