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Marketing Manager


The Role

We are growing every day & feel that there is room for one more person in the Management Team – a Marketing Manager – whose ambition would become to help Filter group companies in marketing-related initiatives and bring company representation to the next level.

We´ d expect the new Marketing Manager to take full-cycle responsibility in the marketing area. We´ d like you to help us establish and implement marketing (incl. digital) strategies. This is a new role in our organization. So far, the marketing role has been divided across organization and used to be managed by several team members.

Your Mission

  • Become a go-to person in all marketing-related aspects.
  • We expect you to build an agile marketing function that is of help when needed to the whole organization. There are several new product or solution launch initiatives within the company that need proficient marketing support. Several product categories need to be aligned with marketing aspects. The company has great engineering knowledge about the solutions and products, but not the skill how to develop value propositions and go-to-market strategies among various client segments.
  • We need your help in developing digital marketing competence within the organization.
  • All-in-all we are at the doorstep, where professional marketing function needs to be introduced across all Filter entities.

You’ ll collaborate closely with your peers across the organization. We don´ t have a marketing department (yet). Our organizations of each country (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria) are a bit different. With your help, we will build a more competitive brand for Filter.

Your responsibilities

  • Pan-group marketing strategy development and implementation.
  • Maintain and develop brand features (Filter, Savery, Alldevice).
  • Develop & execute brand and product marketing strategy (marketing, advertising, promotional, activities) across ATL and digital channels to attract, retain and grow customer base.
  • Ensure integrated marketing communication across all points of sales (digital, outdoor, etc.) is aligned with the overall customer journey for purchase, service, and ownership.
  • Select, supervise, and manage the performance of external service providers to ensure delivery of key ATL and Digital objectives.
  • Develop, Plan, Execute & optimize marketing budget & resources to achieve the best value & benefit ratio.
  • Use customer and commercial insights & analytics to support brand & product marketing activities in a dynamic environment.
  • Ensure strong and effective planning and execution of multiple projects.
  • Drive innovation across the customer journey using key platforms and tools that are in place – These include ERP, CRM, CMS, Marketing Automation & analytics to optimize communication channels & digital resources.
  • Internal marketing developments (intranet, SharePoint or other).

Welcome message

Filter is a company established in Estonia in 1992 that offers energy and water treatment solutions. Daily, our implemented solutions help to produce, for example, drinking water, room heating, construction and packaging materials, tires, milk, vegetables and, of course, electricity.
In recent years, the company has grown rapidly, and today Filter companies have a total of 12 offices in 5 countries and a total of nearly 250 people.
In more than 30 years, Filter has grown into a group that has helped industrial companies to use their resources more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way. More and more, Filter sales and process engineers need support from marketing to deliver their message clearly and comprehensibly to the customer.
There are several challenges we can offer. In addition, it is possible to contribute to the marketing activities of the rapidly growing software company Alldevice. We want to create a structure where marketing and sales go hand in hand and work in good symbiosis with each other. Marketing+Sales= SUCCESS
Welcome aboard!

Egert Killing, Filter AS

We are looking for

  • University degree (marketing, business administration, communication, or similar).
  • At least 5+ years ’ experience in integrated marketing communications in a multi-brand environment.
  • Experience in B2B strategic marketing.
  • Digital marketing experience and expertise.
  • Experience in Customer Data leverage for CRM, SEO, CRO, Email Marketing & customer analytics.
  • Proven project management skills with the ability to establish objectives and track performance KPIs and ensure they are achieved.
  • Strong knowledge of brand positioning, media management, advertising, product presentation & lifecycle analyses.
  • E-commerce experience and expertise.
  • Experience working in companies with a wide range of services or a wide range of products, where there are many tactical marketing activities, incl. digital environment, and developed e-commerce.
  • Previous experience working in an agency.
  • Financial skills to control plans, costs, and budgets.

As a person, you are a team player, maybe a bit tech savvy who knows modern tools and tricks. You like to set challenging goals and look for ways to improve performance. You are the perfect example of a creative person who keeps an eye on the ROI.

About Filter AS

FILTER specializes in delivering products, solutions, and services in the field of Energy and Water for a wide array of micro, small and medium businesses- power, heating & cooling, food & beverage, timber, paper & pulp, textile, glass & ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, agriculture, laboratories, transportation & shipping and many more. 

With over two and a half decades of experience in design & engineering, we have helped clients in 5 countries in the Eastern-European region expertly navigate through their business by leveraging their technological resources. We do it by employing a customer-centric approach and through constant improvement in skills, expertise, and problem-focused ideas.

We are proud of our journey

  • We are market leaders in Baltic countries.
  • We have more than 300 service contracts.
  • We have a business model which has proven itself for more than 30 years.
  • We have an amazing team of engineers who have helped to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.
  • Filter has its own strong culture.

Photo: Andres Lember


Läike tee 9, Peetri, Rae Parish, Harjumaa, Estonia

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You´ ll love it here because

  • You are expected and welcomed by the whole Management Team.
  • You´ ll play a direct role and make your mark in shaping the company’s competitiveness.
  • You´ d impact the well-being of hundreds of employees.
  • Get a rewarding salary and plenty of perks such as health insurance, sporting support, and summer events with families (yes, we value what´s important to you).

Did we spark your interest?

We´ d love to talk to you and introduce the Role and the Company more in detail. Just give us a call or drop us a message.

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Läike tee 9, Rae Parish, Harjumaa

Quick test:

Are You:

  • a passionate & experienced marketing professional?
  • ready to take a strategic approach in marketing matters?
  • maintain and execute brand and product marketing strategies on different brands?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions then it might just be a perfect match! Read on.


We are here for you!

Roland Luik

Managing Partner

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