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Head of People & Culture


The Role

We are creating a new role – a Head of People & Culture to oversee and take ownership of all aspects of human resources practices and processes across the organization, as well as coordinate HR activities in our regional companies with the purpose to bring the group companies closer to each other.

To us, a Head of People & Culture is a strategic role, part of the Group Management, and the go-to person for all employee-related issues. This means that your duties will involve managing activities such as vision and roadmap creation, job design, recruitment, employee relations, performance management, training, development, and employer branding.

You’ ll collaborate closely with your peers across the organization. People are our most important asset and you’ll be the one to ensure we have a happy and productive workplace where everyone works to realize our established mission and objectives.

You will have matrix subordinates in each country (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria) and you report to the Group Management.

Your mission

We’ re looking for someone who loves the challenge of delivering projects that support the competitiveness and sustainability of the company. Your mission is bringing people together, promoting corporate values, and shaping a positive culture and employer brand awareness.

With your help, we want to build a larger and more competitive team who are driven by Filter´ s vision and strategy. You´ ll be taking us on a journey to becoming closer together, and sharing similar Filter culture, best practices, and processes. We need to maintain a good balance between group support and local self-realization to keep their independence and still reflect the same culture. We´ d like you to develop our middle management who are strong in their specialty, but their leadership skills need to be developed further. We need to create an environment where the personal and competence growth of each individual is well supported.

We envision that Filter becomes a company where career paths from entry-level roles up to top level are well planned, supported, and nourished. We dream of a company where leadership quality growth is standard practice and we´ ll be famous for such a culture.

Welcome message

Filter was founded in 1992 here in Estonia. Filter specializes in delivering products, solutions and services in the field of Energy and Water for a wide array of micro, small and medium businesses. We have grown rapidly during last few years resulting with 12 offices in 5 countries employing 250 people.
In more than 30 years, Filter has grown into a group that has helped industrial companies to use their resources more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way. Due to the rapid growth, it is increasingly necessary to support our middle management, who in many cases have grown from within the organization, having previously been specialists in their field. In addition, it is important for the group that a similar culture and values ​​are implemented in the subsidiaries. We have desire to continue the path of being a flexible and quickly adapting company. On this journey, we need a strong helping hand to help us implement the necessary changes.
Welcome aboard !

Egert Killing, Filter AS

We are looking for

  • Experience in HR management role in an international company with subsidiaries in different countries would be desirable.
  • Bachelor’ s degree in human resources management or equivalent.
  • Ability to take a strategic role.
  • Proficiency in employment law regulations.
  • Solid track record in developing HR field and processes.
  • English at least on level C1.
  • Excellent leadership, training, and developmental skills.
  • Strong decision-making skills.
  • Coaching and mentoring proficiency would be desirable.

As a person, you are an inspiring leader who sets challenging goals. Excellence is your standard. You value friendly relationships and can understand unspoken or partly expressed feelings, goals, or needs of others. You express your views in a convincing, honest, and respectful manner.

About Filter AS

FILTER specializes in delivering products, solutions, and services in the field of Energy and Water for a wide array of micro, small and medium businesses- power, heating & cooling, food & beverage, timber, paper & pulp, textile, glass & ceramics, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, agriculture, laboratories, transportation & shipping and many more. 

With over two and a half decades of experience in design & engineering, we have helped clients in 5 countries in the Eastern-European region expertly navigate through their business by leveraging their technological resources. We do it by employing a customer-centric approach and through constant improvement in skills, expertise, and problem-focused ideas.

We are proud of our journey

  • We are market leaders in Baltic countries.
  • We have more than 300 service contracts.
  • We have a business model which has proven itself for more than 30 years.
  • We have an amazing team of engineers who have helped to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to our customers.
  • Filter has its own strong culture.

Photo: Andres Lember


Läike tee 9, Peetri, Rae Parish, Harjumaa, Estonia

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You´ ll love it here because

  • You are expected and welcomed by the whole Management Team.
  • You´ ll play a direct role and make your mark in shaping the company’s competitiveness.
  • You´ d impact the well-being of hundreds of employees.
  • Get a rewarding salary and plenty of perks such as health insurance, sporting support, and summer events with families (yes, we value what´s important to you).

Did we spark your interest?

We´ d love to talk to you and introduce the Role and the Company more in detail. Just give us a call or drop us a message.

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Läike tee 9, Rae Parish, Harjumaa

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Are You:

  • a passionate & experienced HR professional?
  • ready to take a strategic approach in HR matters on a group level?
  • able to connect people at all levels?

If you answered yes to all three of these questions then it might just be a perfect match! Read on.


We are here for you!

Roland Luik

Managing Partner

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