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Export Sales Manager


The Company

Lotus Timber, a distinguished enterprise founded with 100% Estonian capital, brings together a cadre of adept professionals boasting substantial experience in wood impregnation and processing. The company stands apart with its proficient team and a production facility optimized for maximum efficiency. Within this facility, a comprehensive array of operations, encompassing wood planing, sawing, packaging, impregnation, fire retardant treatment, and drying, cohesively transpire.

Of noteworthy mention is Lotus Timber’s impregnated wood, a product distinguished for its versatility, catering adeptly to both conventional and industrial applications. The enterprise conscientiously employs ecologically sound wood preservatives and cutting-edge technologies that substantially amplify wood’s longevity and inherent attributes. Importantly, the entire production process is characterized by its eco-friendliness and nonintrusive stance on the environment.

One of our key strengths lies in the amalgamation of superior quality and prompt service. We exhibit flexibility and a receptive stance towards novel concepts. Driven by an ambitious vision, we have charted a course to augment our turnover twofold over the ensuing five years. In light of this trajectory, we are pleased to extend an invitation for an Export Sales Manager to enrich our ranks. This role stands as an opportunity to contribute to our growth and partake in our journey towards excellence.

The Role

The Export Sales Manager is a key member of the leadership team, responsible for expanding the company’s sales operations in foreign markets. The company’s goal is to double the turnover within 5 years.

As the Export Sales Manager, your responsibilities encompass actively promoting the company’s products and achieving sales results. The primary focus lies in cultivating new sales channels and clients. Additionally, you will oversee project management for orders from business clients, collaborating closely with the procurement, production, and logistics units (subsequently transferring ongoing communication to the client relationship manager). Your involvement will extend to areas such as pricing strategy, product development, and marketing activities, ensuring the company’s competitive advantage.

Should you possess a tenacious and enterprising mindset, the prospect of ascending to your next career step is considerable.

Welcome message

Dear Export Sales Manager,

Lotus Timber is a young and rapidly growing company, initiated in 2011, dedicated to the export-oriented enhancement of wood products. The foundation of our company’s progress lies in our astute individuals and production capability rooted in modern technology. In 2022, we launched the most advanced planing line in the Nordic region.
The cornerstones of our core values include ambition, a global perspective, agility, and adaptability. As such, we highly value the determination and commitment inherent in each member of our team.
We extend an invitation to join us as an Export Sales Manager, seeking to contribute within a dynamic organization that affords the freedom to realize your potential, unencumbered by bureaucratic impediments. Our decision-making process is swift, and we rely upon each other’s knowledge and experience.
Come grow with us!

Aare Pilv, Sales Director of Lotus Timber

Experience we are looking for

You possess a minimum of 5 years of active sales experience in international markets, where you have engaged with aspects of wood valorization, production from timber factories, woodworking encompassing furniture, doors, windows, and related domains. You have a foundational understanding of core and support processes within manufacturing enterprises, as well as project management. Your proficiency in the English language enables effective communication. Proficiency in other foreign languages (Estonian, Russian, etc) would also be considered an advantageous asset for this role.

As an individual, you are a collaborative team player. You are characterized by an internal drive to see initiatives through from initiation to fruition as agreed upon. Your robust analytical thinking, capacity to envision the bigger picture, and adeptness in adapting to dynamic environments are noteworthy attributes. A rational and composed approach in high-pressure situations (such as managing delivery timelines or resolving complaints) defines your demeanor, whether within the organization or externally. You inherently excel in cultivating and maintaining relationships.

What´s in it for me?

Professional colleagues within an exceptional work environment awaits, offering the opportunity to contribute to the growth of Lotus Timber and become an integral part of its success story. The company extends a comprehensive suite of motivational programs, diverse training initiatives, and team gatherings for its personnel, creating an environment conducive to individual and collective advancement. Naturally, your contribution will be rewarded in accordance with your sales performance.


Flexibility is a hallmark of our approach. Situated at Vana-Narva mnt 31, Maardu, Harju County, Estonia, our office serves as a nexus for collaboration. However, we extend the latitude for you to operate from your personal home office located in your EU country or even bask beneath the shade of a palm tree. Your work environment, aligned with your preferences, is acknowledged and supported. Engaging in business travels is an inherent aspect of this role.

Did we spark your interest?

If you find that Lotus Timber’s proposition resonates with your aspirations and aligns with your future plans, we encourage you to reach out confidently. Feel free to give us a call or send us a message to explore more about the company and the role!

We are more than happy to provide you with information and assist you in getting closer to making your application decision.

The Company:

Apply by:

September 10th, 2023



Quick test:

  • Are You a passionate and driven export sales professional?
  • Do you possess a hunger for success and an eagerness to excel?
  • Are you well-versed in the intricacies of the timber and wood specialty sector?

If so, we invite you to explore this opportunity further.


We are here for you!

Roland Luik

Managing Partner

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