ARISTA Executive Search joined the family-friendly employer programme

In order to further develop our working environment to be more family- and employee-friendly, we have joined the family-friendly employer label programme by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia. The programme lasts 1.5-2.5 years, after which the organisation will be awarded a final label, either on the bronze, silver or gold level.“We decided to apply for the programme because we feel our principles and culture is already in line with the programme” said Roland Luik, the Board Member of ARISTA.The family-friendly employer programme focuses on various aspects of working life, from recruitment to termination of employment, including employee recognition, supporting the  professional development, good working environment, information flow, organisational climate and culture among others.

We have set a goal to earn the initial programme label this fall, the final label will be awarded to the organization after a thorough consultation and evaluation process in 1.5-2.5 years. According to Marge Laansoo, the coordinator of the consulting company Civitta, the successful completion of the programme requires commitment from several parties. “Developing a family- and employee-friendly working environment is an ongoing process. For the success of it, both employees and management must be involved. We offer comprehensive support through personal counseling and training, so that even after the end of the programme, the necessary knowhow and tools are available to develop the working environment further,” said Laansoo.

The family-friendly employer label programme has been developed by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia in cooperation with Civitta Eesti AS. All together, 102 organisations have participated in the programme over the years and therefore, it has affected the working environment of 25,000 employees. This year, 31 employers joined the programme, who employ in total 7,200 people.

More information about the programme in English can be found on the Tööelu website here. Full information is available only in Estonian.